In our humble opinion the usual verbiage in ballet or sports doesn't do our barrelinas justice. So we have decided to come up with less serious names and a more tongue-in-cheek approach for labeling our classes, in order to name our hardworking, but always elegant, dancers more appropriately. We feel that the ballet scene (and yes, that includes the amateur ballet scene) takes itself way too seriously anyway.

Currently we work with four different groups. These groups are based on technical execution, body consciousness and coordination. The groups are: Debutantes, Élèves, Coryphées and Arrivées. BBW/the teacher determines which group is most suitable for each participant individually, to ensure we can work safely and responsibly in our classes. 



The workout element of the classes  

Specific practical experience with the workout element is not required for any group. But please do make sure to inform the teacher if you have any injuries or if there is anything else she needs to be aware of which could influence your capability in any way, especially when conducting the more strenuous exercises!

Dress code


Comfortable clothing which nonetheless provides a good indication of the position of your hips and knees. It goes without saying that we wear ballet shoes or (grip) barre socks.

twee "brallerina's" aan de barre
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