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"I used to do ballet as a child and even after quitting, it remained a hidden love. I took some adult classes again when I lived in Rotterdam but when moving to The Hague I didn’t find a proper class anymore. Until I saw this advertisement on Instagram. I was still a bit hesitant because it is hard for me to commit to a fixed time with 2 little kids. And then the lockdown came and classes were offered virtually. This was the perfect time for me to step in as I could join whenever it suits me as you can easily get a recording of the class too. Really enjoying the classes! For me it is also practicing mindfulness as I enjoy the music and the exercises which don’t ask me to think much and at the same time, it is a great work out!"



"Since moving to The Hague, I had found it hard to find classes that suited my needs. I saw a Facebook ad for Ballet Barre Workouts and decided to send an enquiry. Sandra emailed back the same day, with all the information I had asked for and more! She helped me to use the online booking system to book a trial class, and I went along the very next Sunday. I enjoyed my first class immensely and was keen to go back the following week. Sandra and the instructor advised me to attend the Coryphes class rather than my original debutants class as I had previous experience in ballet. I appreciated that I was being challenged from the off!


The classes focus on conditioning and strengthening exercises alongside more traditional ballet work at the barre with direction given in both Dutch and English as well as the traditional French names for moves. The instructors tuition is excellent. Her style of positive encouragement alongside corrections is just the right balance. I like to know that the instructor is taking care of my body by ensuring I am completing the exercises correctly. I'm so glad I stumbled across Ballet Barre Workouts as it's the perfect class for me here in The Hague. My only grumble is that I would like more classes!"



"I am so happy that I found out about Ballet Barre Workouts when I moved to The Hague! It is an amazing way to train your body (muscles, cardio, balance) and thanks to the focus you need for the exercises and the beautiful classical music, this can be your weekly dose of mindfulness as well ;). All the workout locations are quite special and I also like that there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to subscription types: you can either subscribe for 3, 5 or 8 lessons a month, or buy a lessons card with a number of lessons on them, so that you don't 'lose' a lesson when there is a week you can't make it. In short: definitely one of the best places to workout in The Hague. :)" 



“I started Ballet when I was 4yrs old and synchronised swimming when I was 6yrs old. When I turned 11, I had to make a choice: focus on ballet or on sync swimming. Since I was too big (boned) for the ballet academy I chose swimming. I joined the national sync swimming team, but I didn’t want to give up on ballet completely either, so I still attended 2 ballet classes a week. ⠀

And then life happened; marriage, kids, moving around the world, some accidents and I became eh...bigger boned. ⠀
The only steady thing during these years was ballet.... 

Wherever we moved, I always tried to attend a ballet class, even though it became harder and harder to fit in. ⠀
Not only because I was getting older but also because my eh...bones were getting bigger and I can tell you that it’s no fun to stand in between skinny and young ballerinas; it doesn’t do any good for your self esteem.

In January 2018 I had a gastric bypass and during the healing process I made a decision. For the last time I would try to find a ballet school where they accept me and my (by now already a bit smaller) bones and where age didn’t matter. 

Now here I am: trying to follow as many classes as I can, improving my strength, flexibility and my core (yeah...floor exercises are no joke!), still learning new skills, feeling welcome and accepted by the most wonderful sister-ballerinas and last but not least, doing what I have always loved...Classical Ballet!"




“In Women’s Health I read about new workouts which are heavier than you’d expect. One of these which stuck with me was the ballet workout, and I decided to give it a go.

I was extremely curious before my trial class. I run, take regular yoga classes and ski every week so you could call me a #fitgirl/#fitmom. So obviously I was wondering if this would be as demanding as they say... Much to my own surprise I was extremely sore after the trial class and this has not stopped since, for the almost two years that I have been taking classes.

Another surprise is how mindful the classes feel to me. Like with skiing you have to think of a million things when doing the exercises, so your mind cannot wander further than to the challenge at hand. Additionally I have broadened my horizon a bit and the classes have sparked my interest for classical music.

This whole ballet thing has had a snowball effect on my family and friends as well. I took my husband and kids to the theatre for “Hip-hop meets ballet” and my daughter and I will be going to Swan Lake in a few weeks time. A friend following my ballet adventures on Instagram got inspired too and has started taking ballet classes!

My husband keeps telling me how impressed he is that I wake up early every Sunday morning to go to class. During class we struggle, suffer and complain together with the brallerina squad which makes it more bearable and yes fun too. After class we have a chat, debrief and go on our way. 
This has become part of my Sunday ritual now. After class I go chill and have a coffee and juice by myself at a place around the corner from the ballet studio and slowly and at my own pace I return home after 2 hours or so.

What I like most about the ballet workouts is that you never ever stop learning so you cannot get bored. The moment something goes well, you will move to the next level of a certain step or move. My admiration and respect for how easy it looks when dancers and our teachers execute these difficult moves, has grown immensely. I am really keen on learning more and secretly embrace the pain that comes with it along the way… “ 



"Ballet has always been an important part of my life, and I was devastated when I found myself (in pain!) back in a beginners class after having had knee surgery a couple of years ago. What had once been my absolute joy in life, became frustrating and painful. Because a real ballet class is no longer an option with my knee because of all the jumping and dancing around, I sadly had to give up. Doing Pilates and Yoga filled some of the void, but there was always something missing.


So when I met Sandra and she told me about her Ballet Barre Workout classes, this seemed perfect to me. And it did not disappoint! The Ballet Barre Workout classes give me exactly what I'm looking for, ballet exercises without the things my knee can no longer do. The teachers are all amazing, and each class is both fun and tough. A perfect workout on some of the most beautiful music that exists! I would recommend anyone to give it a try!"


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